Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 20 People of 2008

The 20 best people of the year, conveniently in list form!

20. Dennis Kucinich. For hangin' in there. For bein' a stand-up guy. For gamely trying to impeach Bush like three months before the end of his term. For seeing UFOs. For secretly being a lvl. 12 lawful good elf wizard.

19. Charlie Day. For being the best thing about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. For Green Man. For being the second closest thing we have to a 21st century Kramer. For "Day Man." For being the wild card.

18. Anderson Cooper. For being Anderson Cooper.

17. Paul Rudd. For being incredibly funny. For being a good-lookin' fella. For making Role Models funny. For Wet Hot American Summer, which was years ago, but whatever. For Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

16. Hillary Clinton. For keepin' up the game. For being Secretary of State. For breaking glass ceilings and stuff. For dealing with Bill.

15. Rainn Wilson. For actually being the 21st century Kramer. For Dwight. For Dwight. For Dwight.

14. Amy Poehler. For the Hillary Clinton impersonation. For The Mighty B. For marrying GOB Bluth.

13. Any Olympic athlete except Michael Phelps. For not being Michael Phelps. Fuck Michael Phelps.

12. Samantha Brown. For making me interested in going to Berlin. For going everywhere cool ever. For, along with Anthony Bourdain, making the Travel Channel awesome.

11. Tunde Adebimpe. For being a generally cool guy. For the new TV on the Radio album. For the old TV on the Radio albums. For being named "Tunde Adebimpe."

10. Danny Boyle. For Slumdog Millionaire. For having great taste in music. For Trainspotting and 28 Days Later too. For Sunshine too.

9. John Stewart. For being the smartest man on television. For making the news palatable. For mugging the camera and being super Jewy.

8. Mikey Rocks / Chuck Inglish. For spearheading the actually kind of cool "hipster rap" movement. For naming their group "the Cool Kids." For being fashionable, cool people.

7. Paul Krugman. For being a way left economist and getting the Nobel Prize for it. For laying the smackdown on George Will about the Great Depression. For having a sweet beard. For being a smartass.

6. Stephen Colbert. For being the best newsman currently on television. For expertly parodying Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly. For crying on Election Night.

5. Jon Hamm. For Mad Men. For proving that the early 60s were actually awesome. For being a smooth, cool motherfucker.

4. Tim Russert. For being a sweet, cuddly newsfellow. For being approachable and easy. For leaving us nothing but a legend and a pretty corpse, like Jim Morrison.

3. Tina Fey. For being the smartest person on television, just ahead of John Stewart. For 30 Rock. For Sarah Palin. For being a cutie.

2. Heath Ledger. For the Joker. For being the 21st century James Dean. For Brokeback Mountain. For being a better actor than anyone probably realized.

1. Barack Obama. For being elected president. For being elected president as a black man. For being elected president as a black man, and also being awesome and JFK-life.

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Stephanie said...

yesss. if B-Rock didn't get number one my brain probably would have exploded. and why am I not on this list?